Kevin Hubbart

Chief Operating Officer


Kevin Hubbart co-founded European Equities Corporation, with David McComas, to source investment opportunities in the commercial real estate sector. Mr. Hubbart was the initial qualifying broker for the company and its first general counsel. Mr. Hubbart is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Development.

Mr. Hubbart received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Missouri-Rolla (now Missouri University of Science and Technology) and a Juris Doctor degree from IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law.  Mr. Hubbart has been an active real estate broker in Illinois and/or Florida since 1991, and actively practiced law from 1991 thru 2009.

Prior to forming EEC, Mr. Hubbart operated his own boutique law firm in Ft. Myers, Florida. In 1998, his firm was acquired by a larger national firm, which retained him as a senior associate attorney on the partnership track. In 2000, thru his practice, he met Mr. McComas. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Hubbart approached Mr. McComas with a business concept for factoring commercial real estate commissions. Mr. McComas convinced Mr. Hubbart to relocate to the Tampa Bay area and join his emerging dot-com ( as its general counsel, while they developed the factoring concept. Mr. Hubbart and Mr. McComas met with a funding source in New York City and struck a preliminary deal on September 10, 2001. Unfortunately, the following day led to the shelving of the concept, but led to the more aggressive development of EEC.

In late 2004, Mr. Hubbart was offered the opportunity to become Director of Development for the local Subway development agent and to ultimately run that office. Mr. Hubbart continued to work with EEC on projects while growing the Subway market in Tampa Bay from approximately 150 locations to a peak of over 270 locations. In late 2019, Mr. Hubbart coordinated the sale of the development office, and after a transition period to assist new ownership, returned to EEC full time in March of 2020, where he is now Chief Operating Officer and Director of Development.