What is in our DNA?

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Year Established

We started as a retail company in 1988 and have since owned nearly a hundred Subway restaurants and other retail businesses in Florida and Texas. So we tend to look at ourselves as retail operator that became a very strong part of developing real estate.

Being immersed in these submarkets has forced us to understand the market at a granular level. With that, we have created several layers within the development cycle and really understanding the market from the income-producing level up.

Over the years, we have diversified into other sectors of commercial real estate. We touch every level of the development cycle, where we are fully versed in acquisitions and development, creating meaningful financing structures, stabilizing assets, and managing them post development.

In addition, we are a tenant-first type developer and, because of that, we will always be fluidly connected to our tenants because we live in their shoes every day. Like them, we feel the stresses, the strains, and the benefits of being in retail markets. We also experience the labor markets fluctuation, take note of emerging retail opportunities, and seek to optimize tenant mixtures which enhance the valuations of assets within our organization and our clients' portfolios.

"That has provided us an opportunity to really understand, at a granular level, the type of opportunities that exist in the Florida and Texas submarkets."