Because we are vertically integrated, we can enter into investments at multiple points.

We understand that our clients are looking to put their assets and capital to work. Our investment analysis strategy involves looking at assets, breaking that asset down into a life cycle, and further breaking down each life cycle into segments that provide meaning to our clients based upon what position they want to take within that asset and their investment goals.

Armed with our life cycle segment analysis of a project, we are not limited to entering a project as a passive end user. Utilizing our vertical integration, we can enter into a project at any point in the project's life cycle. We will position our clients, and our own investments, relative to the best entry into a project based on the market conditions. Our flexibility to position ourselves in different entry points relative to the opportunity allows us to pivot and maximize each opportunity as the market evolve. This can include developing a property for a client on a fee basis, partnering with a client as a bridge capital investor, or we may acquire nonperforming loans and nonperforming assets for our own portfolio.

Our goal, as a piece of real estate goes through its lifecycle, is to identify where it is in its lifecycle to best create meaningful lift which enhances value for our clients. utilizing our internal resources and experience, we are able to drive value behind almost any type of asset that we touch.

Acquisition, repositioning and disposition

As investors ourselves, we understand the risk and return considerations our client make regarding assets. We have a proven track record of creating value by identifying and acquiring assets, enhancing the value of those assets thru our management, properties, and then disposing of those assets at a profit (often after years of positive cashflow). We work with each client to understand their acceptable levels of risk and investment goals, then we identify projects that can meet their expectations and assist them thru the entire life cycle of the project.

Nonperforming and Underperforming Assets

Nonperforming assets are not just loans that are in trouble or properties that are in foreclosure. But they could also mean not performing to its full potential resulting in an opportunity to create value for our clients. When we look at nonperforming assets, we look at them from multiple angles, to determine why the assets in not performing to its full potential. For example, it could be poor construction, unappealing aesthetics, improper tenant mix, unsupportable financial structure or any combination of various factors. We identify the value proposition most appealing to our clients, and then we utilize our vertically integrated services to generate the value add for our clients.


European Equities provides clients with access to three distinct real estate development platforms. The first platform is the most traditional, where a client develops a single parcel of property. Aided by our total vertical integration, We can provide the client with 'cradle to grave' service, meaning through our various entities, we can identify, assist in the financing and purchase, contract, lease-up, manage and ultimately divest the client form the asset.

The second platform is a hybrid, allowing the client to 'ride along' with European Equities as we develop a project. In this second platform, we partner with the client, putting our own capital at risk, and allowing the client to be an active operating partner within a specific asset. For clients interested in developing property, but who have never done so before, this is, essentially, a master class in real estate development.

Our third development platform is currently in development, with a launch targeted for the third quarter of 2022. For clients who want the benefit of owning a portfolio of real estate, but do not have the time, resources or desire to actively manage a portfolio of property, we are developing the EEC Fund. The EEC Fund will consist of several entities, each holding a specific type of property, such as commercial, office or development (similar to a private equity fund) and we will manage the portfolio. The EEC Fund will only be open to accredited investors who have thoroughly reviewed the private placement memorandum and met all other participation criteria. This is not an offer to sell or invest in any product.

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