David McComas

Chief Executive Officer


David McComas formed European Equities Corporation in 2001 to source investment opportunities in the commercial real estate sector. Initially operating as a real estate broker, the European Equities Corporation built a core of affiliated companies to expand their platform to outside investors who shared their values, goals and objectives. Mr. McComas is currently the President and Chief Executive Offices of European Equities Corporation.

David was born in Dunedin, Florida and has since been a lifetime resident of Pinellas County, Florida. An entrepreneur from the beginning, shortly after graduating from Dunedin High School, David convinced his mother to mortgage the family home to buy his first of more than forty Subway® franchises. David’s early experience at Subway®, combined with a familiarity with emerging technologies in the 1990’s, led him to found and lead the company which developed the first true point-of-sale software for Subway®. The multi-million dollar success of the software led to his entry into the dotcom industry in the late 1990s, including founding and taking public a technology company (, Inc., stock symbol: MIRM) that reached a market capitalization of over $1,000,000,000.

In 2000, David resigned from the technology company, due to illness in is family. He returned to north Pinellas County to focus the operations of his Subway locations, and develop more location.  In furtherance of that goal, David met with and learned from his Subway® landlords, who were converting positive cash flow into sustainable wealth. David studied the commercial development process and began to emulate them. He found that many of the commercial property owners he met started with minimal resources, but through knowledge, determination, hard work and creative deal making, they had acquired substantial real estate portfolios. This led to the founding of European Equities Corporation. Since founding European Equities, David has added Whole Development, Inc. for construction services and Retail Property Management, for property management.

David is a ‘hands-on’ leader in nearly every European Equities and Whole Development project since the companies’ inceptions. Those projects include new construction or major remodeling of more than one hundred Subway locations, including those of more than one local development agent for Subway; the acquisition and construction of several federal government properties; the refinancing of commercial properties; purchase of notes securing commercial properties; and its primary focus, the full development (acquisition, design, construction, leasing and management) or long term acquisition (buy and hold) of dozens of retail shopping centers and office buildings, ranging from less than 4,000 square feet to more than 150,000 square feet.

All told, Mr. McComas has nearly 30 years of experience in real estate investing, finance, development and asset management, and is responsible for assembling and leading EEC’s team of professionals who have over $600,000,000 of transaction experience.