Case Study - Cradle to Grave Development

Tyrone Plaza

A Cradle to Grace Development

The Challenge

European Equities offers a holistic approach to real estate development, offering service beginning with identification of raw land, continuing thru development construction, tenanting, management and ultimately divestment.

EEC was asked by a client to locate a parcel in mid-Pinellas for a single use building. The client had a relationship with a potential tenant who had specific requirements, including location and that the premises be a single user building. The project cost also needed to be within the financial constraints defined by the client’s budget.

EEC identified a strongly located parcel in mid-Pinellas, but the parcel was larger than the client’s need.

The Resolve

EEC determined that by obtaining a license for additional parking from an adjacent parcel, two quality buildings could be economically constructed on the parcel. However, the project budget was greater than the client’s desired financial commitment.

EEC agreed to equally partner with the client on the project, with EEC handling all aspects of the project from acquisition thru divestment.

The project was completed in 2013, managed and ultimately sold in 2021 for a substantial profit.

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